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No matter how the election ends...

I don't think I'd be remiss in saying most everyone in the US, and possibly many outside of it, are waiting with bated breath to see how tonight's election ends. Yes, the results that are gathered tonight technically aren't official, but I don't recall a time in history when the projections on election night ended up wrong. Maybe I'm just not old enough to remember.

Many people have a lot riding on tonight. There is fear like a winter wind cutting through this country, and for good reason. In many ways, this election will answer the question of what values the United States currently holds above all others. Depending on what these values are revealed to be, many lives will be altered, and unfortunately, many may be endangered.

I want to make it clear: no matter who wins the election tonight, my website will remain a safe place. I do not tolerate hatred, and will always stand with the oppressed. Even if the powers that be don't. To everyone out there who sit in terror of the numbers building higher as I type this, please know that I stand with you, and will defend your right to life, liberty, and happiness with everything in me. Good luck, folks...

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