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Me and my boxer puppy Luna(tic) Loon Morrone

Danielle Morrone was born in Brooklyn but didn’t stay there for long, moving to upstate New York as a baby. She grew up with her twin sister- who is not, despite what she says, older- loving parents, and spoiled dogs. Later in life, their family was added to by several amazing foster siblings.

Always an avid reader, Danielle was rarely caught without a book in her hands. Her journey as a writer started in 5th grade as she watched her father, Vincent Morrone, work on his own books. Inspired, Danielle started writing, and fell in love with the art of it. It was the summer before her sophomore year of high school when her father approached her with an idea- they should write a book together. Thus, The Krane Chronicles were born.

Having recently earned her bachelor's in English and Psychology, Danielle’s current focus is on delving into her writing, both The Krane Chronicles and her other works. Her other hobbies include all things nerdy, training in capoeira, and catering to the every whim of her boxer puppy.

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